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Funding Opportunities

Where possible, the A-T Global Alliance members aim to fund a broad portfolio of investigator-led research, from individual projects and fellowships to large-scale team science programmes, multidisciplinary collaborations and international cosortia. We endeavour to fund the best research from the best researchers, across the full spectrum of A-T research with a key focus on projects with the potential to make a practical impact for patient and public benefit.

We aim to provide a dedicated funding stream for the global A-T research community by staging specific grant funding opportunities at various times throughout the year. These grant calls are currently staged by some of the more established Global Alliance members who in turn, provide collaborative funding opprtunities for other A-T patient groups.

The organisations listed below all stage grant calls specifically for research into A-T where funds are available. Click on each logo for further details or visit sites such as the European Commission, National Science Foundation or Wellcome Trust to explore alternative funding opportunities.

(If you are aware of any other organisations providing funding opportunites for A-T research, please contact us using the email address shown at the bottom of this page)


October 2021

Action for A-T and BrAshA-T have joined forces to provide additional funding to the A-T research community. A wide range of research applications will be considered for projects up to 3 years in duration with a maximum value of £150,000. The grant round will formally open on the 27th October 2021 and applications must be received by Monday 3rd January 2022. Interested parties should visit for more details.