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While there are currently no licensed treatments to modify the progress of A-T, and in particular the neurodegeneration, there is much that can be done to improve the health of a person with the condition.This section of the site provides general good practice and care advice for children and adults with A-T plus details of care providers in various countries and links to offical care guides.

General Good Practice & Care Advice

Care Providers

Please find below some brief information and links to organisations around the world that provide information and advice on how best to care and support someone living with A-T.

UK       The A-T Society has been established for over 30 and is based in the UK. As well as funding research, they provide information, advice and advocacy to support families affected by AT, and work closely with health and social care professionals. 

USA      The A-T Childrens Project provide research, develop potential therapies, and organise scientific conferences. They also provide Care Giver Services which includes information regarding Covid 19 and A-T:

Specialist A-T Clinics

Specialist A-T clinics operate in the UK, USA and Australia for people with A-T who are resident in those countries. Often they will be able to provide advice to patients from other countries too, and sometimes they will be able to see non-resident patients. 

Australia - The National A-T Clinic:

UK - Specialist A-T Children’s Clinic:

UK - Specialist A-T Adult’s Clinic:

USA - A-T Clinical Centre, Johns Hopkins Hospital:

Useful Publications/Guides

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United Kingdom
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