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2022 Spotlight on A-T Webinar

Following the success of the inaugural “Spotlight on A-T event” in 2021, Action for A-T and the members of the A-T Alliance staged a family focussed webinar event to highlight some of the current A-T research projects which are taking place around the world. Key stakeholders from the global A-T community provided a concise overview of their current research studies as well as answering questions.

The webinar took place on the 7th March 2022 to an audience from 25 countries and was hosted by Broadcaster and Journalist, Naga Munchetty and chair of the Action for A-T Research Advisory Committee, Dr Mark Toms. There were six presentations and the line up of speakers and their presentation topics are listed below

Borja Saez & Marc GuellResetting the immune system in A-T
Manuela Pellegrini – Hematopoietic pogenitor cell transplantation and gene therapy for A-T syndrome
Ernst Wolvetang – Targeting cellular ageing processes in A-T
Lisa Bunn  & Munira Khan – The A-Team collaborative: Producing healthcare guidance for children and young people with A-T
Svetlana Khorenkova – Why do Ataxia Telangiectasia neurons die?
Taylor Fields – N-acetyl-L-leucine for A-T

The presentations were broadcast live in English and a recording of the full webinar is available to view below.

October 2021 - £150,000 Grant Round opens on 27 October

Action for A-T and BrAshA-T have joined forces to provide additional funding to the A-T research community. A wide range of research applications will be considered for projects up to 3 years in duration with a maximum value of £150,000. The grant round will formally open on the 27th October 2021 and applications must be received by Monday 3rd January 2022. Interested parties should visit for more details.

June 2021 - A-T Alliance Join forces to fund new A-T research Study

Four members of the A-T Alliance have joined forces to fund a new A-T research study at the University of Texas. Action for A-T, The A-T Society, AEFAT and BrAshA-T will equally fund the 12 month project which will be managed by the A-T Society. The project entitled “A-T cerebellar neurodegeneration and inositol phosphate signalling” led by Tanya Paull, will explore a link between A-T cerebellar neurodegeneration and inositol phosphate signalling, a well-established signalling pathway required for neuronal function. The project is listed under the studies section and more details are available here.